L336-Medlands-Beach-Auckland-Scott-VenningDiscover the North Island

The North Island is slightly smaller than its southern neighbor (although is home to the majority of New Zealanders). It offers an expansive range of landscapes, adventure activities, day and multi day hikes and walks, driving routes and some unique out-of-the-way places. There is sure to be something that will appeal.

For those with limited time, you could take in the highlights of the North Island in as little as a week although 2 – 3 weeks is ideally recommended.

The North Island offers a massive range of landscapes from the pristine and scarcely populated beaches of Northland to Mount Ruapehu’s volcanoes and ski fields, the rolling plains of the Waikato region and vineyards of the Hawkes Bay.

The North Island tends to be a couple of degrees warmer throughout the year than the South Island. Northland stays warm for most of the year and in the summer months is a haven for beach goers. In the winter months the Central Plateau plays host to some fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities.